Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution

Complete solution in one package

The Videojet canning solution combines all safety,
operating, and performance features into
a comprehensive package

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All-in-one turnkey canning system

Instead of struggling to build a system using multiple suppliers and incompatible
components, depend on Videojet to provide everything you need, including
lifetime support built upon extensive application expertise.

Class 1 enclosure

Keep operators safe with a sealed enclosure that
blocks all laser emissions, preventing any possible
injury from optical radiation during operation.

Umbilical options

Position the supply cabinet enclosure where
you want it with 3m or 10m umbilical lengths.

Air knife

Reduce cleaning needs by preventing dust
build-up on marking head beam exit window.

Modular beam shield

Easily integrate onto your line with a beam
shield that can be adjusted to fit your space.

Fume extractor

Protect operators by removing aluminium
dust and laser fumes.

VideojetConnect™ Remote Service*

Be the first to recover with expert technical support
and guidance remotely available on demand.

* Included with ongoing maintenance contract.

Standard industry protocols

Connect with common line integration
and code management systems.

Vision integration capability

Verify code readability with an optional
mount for compatible vision systems.