Carton Coding and Traceability

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Printing accurate traceability codes on cartons and cases is a key element in enabling superior tracking of materials and packaged goods throughout the supply chain. Evolving government regulations, along with food and pharmaceutical safety, are strong drivers for better traceability programs and carton printing solutions.

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Accurate, high quality inline marking of variable data onto cartons is critical for these track and trace programs – meaning high performance carton printers are too.

Complementing Videojet’s solutions for primary packaging coding (inkjet printerslaser and thermal transfer printers), we have a full line of large character printing products (which include inkjet carton printers and carton coders) to print directly on a variety of secondary packaging materials. Also available are Label Printer Applicators to automatically print and apply labels in real-time on cartons, shrink wrapped packages or pallets.

Printing batch codes, best before dates, barcodes and logos/ graphics on cartons, cardboard and other substrates is easy with Videojet coders:

  • Gain production flexibility
  • Reduce carton case and label inventory
  • Improve the automation process with bar coding
  • Improve traceability with inline real time coding
  • Reduce manual labour, replace labels and reduce cost of ownership
  • Improve processes and reduce errors from manual label application

Large Character Inkjet or Print Apply Labelling for Cartons?

The most common coding technologies for printing on cartons are large character inkjets and labelling machines. Which solution is best for your line largely depends on the information you need to print and the packaging material which needs to be printed.

Large Character Inkjet printing is likely to be the better solution if:

  • Carton packaging material is Porous (such as cardboard or corrugate)
  • Information is required to be placed in various locations on the Carton
  • The substrate is white in colour

Print and Apply Labellers are likely to be a better solution if:

  • Carton is Non-Porous (such as shrink wrap)
  • Information is required in one location on the Carton
  • High contrast Barcodes are required on kraft cardboard

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